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What is Psychoanalysis
What is Psychoanalysis

A psychoanalytic session is a place where you come to speak to a ‘Other’ about whatever troubles you. A psychoanalyst offers to listen to you in a way that makes it possible to hear what it is that is trying to be said.
The kinds of burden that people bring to analysis are as many and varied as the people themselves. Because our suffering is so tied and knotted into the essential nature of our being, and so embedded in the narratives and contexts of our lives, the troubles of the mind have always proved resistant to fixes that are imposed from outside. This human condition cannot easily be subdued by a universal cure. This is why neither friends counsels nor pharmacological aid are powerless for the cure of psychological problems.
The analytic rule is to say whatever is on your mind, without censorship, without judgement, without the need to make much sense. The analyst listens and in this way the relationship begins that will allow you to understand the patterns and structures of your life. The analytic session is a place where these feelings can be explored, analysed, and understood. In this way you can begin to feel more in control and to regulate the intensity.
It is not uncommon to hear people characterizing psychoanalytic therapists as “being paid just to sit there”. Well, it is much more and when it is done well, “just” sitting there encourages clients to get brave enough to confide to something painful, to figure out their own solutions, to find their sense of agency in the presence of a person who welcomes their increasing confidence and competence