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My orientation is psychoanalytic. Psychoanalytical psychotherapy is a peculiar kind of conversation. In everyday life there is no similar experience with which it can be compared. It is not like social discourse, nor is it like a visit to an expert who gives explicit advice, nor is it like studying with a teacher or mentor or spiritual advisor. The work is aimed to give you a chance to speak in depth about the things that are important to you.
When you consult psychotherapist you can expect to develop self-awareness/gain insight into your life through a gradual unfolding of your story. You will have the chance to analyse significant relations and moments of life and to understand how these have left their mark on you. Through speaking, you will be able to explore the nature of your difficulties and gain clarity about your current situation. Sessions can be used to explore memories, emotional states, and dreams, as well as your present state and future hopes and aspirations. “How is talking going to help?” is one of the most frequently asked questions of the analytic therapist. Well, talking can make one feel better. People indeed learn over time that it helps to talk, especially about things to which they have never given voice before. A related lesson clients learn in therapy is that diffuse and disturbing emotional states can be named and integrated smoothly into awareness.

Some people may seek psychotherapy in order to pursue an agenda of personal growth or have more modest goals, such as relieving specific disorders, reducing suffering and building stronger psychic structure. You can expect therapeutic side-effects as the work progresses, which often begin in the very first meeting. You may also find good counsel in the sessions as your difficulties and options become clearer and better defined.
Come for an exploratory chat. Find out how I operate. You can talk about what has led you to this point, and what you hope to get out of your sessions. After such a double-sided interview, we can decide whether we think we can work together for your benefit.
The work is confidential.
Fees, agreed between us, depend on circumstances and work proposed.