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Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a special kind of interaction. In ordinary life, there is no similar experience to compare with the ongoing communication with the therapist. This is not secular communication and not a visit to an expert who will give an accurate advice. It’s also not teaching a teacher, coach or spiritual mentor. Working with a therapist is aimed at researching and better understanding oneself, gaining or increasing conscious control over one’s life, prolonged changes and achieving the desired goals. In the process of work a new experience of relations appears. This does not mean that the old models will disappear immediately. This means that there is a new experience – more adaptive and mature. You can say goodbye to the repetition of old injuries and gain the freedom to move forward, relying on the already given experience. All this can happen. Nevertheless, because of the complexity of human nature, I consider it impossible to guarantee the result. But due to the complexity of human beings none of these things are guaranteed and I remain wary of the therapist who over-estimates his or her powers of healing.