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Family psychologist

Work with couples

If you as a couple are experiencing a difficult period, external stress or facing a difficult choice, perhaps you are looking for a help. I offer psychological consultations for couples. This frame of work is useful not just for those who encountered difficulties, but for those who wish to develop and strengthen their relationship, open new possibilities, get closer to each other, learn to be more sincere and able listen, notice and understand better.

Like individual therapy, working with a couple could be short-term (1-5 meetings) or longer if there are multiple issues. Duration of the process depends on expectations and aims which need to be addressed. Surely, not all tasks could be solved quickly, however in a long-term cooperation changes become evident and realistic.

What are the common questions for a request? When partners want to save the relationship, living through difficult life crises; experiencing partner’s affair; attempting to make better communication and solve internal conflicts.