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Focus therapy

Focus therapy is one of the forms of psychoanalytic therapy, which involves short-term treatment and is focused on working through a certain conflict in the context of identifying a number of unconscious structures and processes.

With focus therapy, attention focuses on the patient’s particular conflict, which causes him or her the most distress and suffering at the present moment. All other conflicts and problems are not overlooked by the therapist, they are taken into account ,although not being worked through deeply and thoroughly, as it would be in the case with long-term psychoanalytic treatment. Focusing on a specific conflict and working through it gives a more specific direction that helps the patient to open up and become aware of his or her most vulnerable issues in the current time, which can lead to alleviation of the patient’s suffering. It should be borne in mind that analytical work with this type of therapy is designed to last ten to thirty sessions. Short-term focus therapy can be applicable to the number of patient’s circumstances, such as: separation and divorce, anxiety or fear associated with a particular situation, insomnia, difficulties in relationships, age crisis.